COMPUPHONE was created in the early 2012 with the sole purpose to improve and enhance its community with all the current available services related with the Computing and communication industry, later in 2013 as new product and services increased their presence in our market, Compuphone takes the lead on new phone services, game consoles, video games and we started to put in our portfolio as Graphic design for businesses and customary advertisement, more services looking satisfy with all of our customer needs, on the business and consumer electronics market.

Over this time we have developed a large consumer portfolio that we proudly feel completes most of the current requirements of our community and growing market; some of them include Computer Sales and Maintenance, Cell phones and Smart Phones, video Games and consoles, Cellphone Activations, Prepaid Cards, Pinless Services, Bill Payment, Graphic design, Business cards, Photocopies, Fax service, Money transfer services, Cellphone accessories, computer accessories, Cellphone Unlocking services, Website Design and Development, Micro Electronics and more to come.

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we will continue looking for the best of the best services to add to our portfolio in order to keep being your only stop for all your business. Compuphone is aming to be every where for everyone, when you need us, where you need us. Compuphone is the kind of business you can rely on, excellent service, work excellence and efficiency are our core values to focus not only in our corporate grow but also in our customer satisfaction standards. We want you tio be part of our big family and let us treat you as the royalty you deserve to be.

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We are Here & Now